Your Underwear Shapes Reveal A Lot About Your Personality!

While we know that there are multiple things which defines one’s personality but this one is surely something which takes the cake. There are a lot of things that reveal about your personality, Well, some of those things are easily decipherable by others. But, some of these personality traits can only be understood by you. One of these things is the shape of your underwear! If this thought perplexes you think again this isn’t rocket science to be honest, just some analysis and history recorded to dole out these details.

T-SHIRT String

I’m sure we all know what a T-string is. And we pretty well know that there are only a few among millions who would really dare to wear these.
Well, one thing that you can be pretty sure is that the people who wear this type are usually bold and confident and very adventurous.


The G-string is sure to take you out of your comfort zone, and the people who wear this are highly ambitious and have no problem facing challenges head-on.


The people who wear this are usually pretty attractive and they do like holding the center of attraction at all times.
They also get much attention from the opposite gender and are definitely somebody who you would love to spend a quality time with.


They derive pleasures from the little joys of life and they wouldn’t have any other way and these people though may seem really relaxed but are extremely restless and have a lot on their mind.


Bikini is one of the most popular costumes people choose to wear. Women who wear bikinis a lot are usually more outgoing and sporty. They are both hot and practical at the same time.


The people who prefer wearing this kind of inner wear are really charming and are the life of a party. They tend to be really smart, alert and pretty and they so definitely are the best person you want to be around.


This is somewhat like a middle between shorts and boxers. They really love their own space and the peace. They don’t easily get into fights and are definitely calmer.

Boy shorts

Boys who prefers wearing this type, are usually party lovers. They love their social life way too much and are sure as hell popular.

Classic shorts

Most people love being in their comfort zones. They are not really bothered about the outward appearances and definitely love to know about someone more than what meets the eye.

High waist

This is the most classic look, and these kinds of people are the ones who are probably the easiest going and fun loving people.
They aren’t much concerned about what other people think and say about them. They like doing what they want to do.

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