Women Want Making-Love Just as Much as Their Partner

A new survey debunks the myth that men want more sex than women – but there’s one main obstacle which gets in the way of more frequent action between the sheets

Women Want Sex Just as Much as Men – but THIS is Why it Doesn’t Happen

Women want sex just as much as their partners – or even more – according to a recent survey.
Kindara, a fertility app, asked 500 female users about their opinions about the female libido.
More than half of the respondents said they weren’t entirely satisfied with how much sex they were currently having.
A whopping 75 percent said they’d like to get cosy under the sheets more than three times a week.
And an energetic 13 percent said they wanted to have sex more than six times a week.
Survey: More than half of those surveyed were not satisfied with how much sex they were getting
When it comes to performance, 72 percent said they orgasm during every sexual encounter and “many” did multiple times.
Just over half the women quizzed said that emotional connection was key to having “good” sex, while 23 percent said foreplay was more important.
The results show they want as least as much sex as their partner, and for the most part they actually want it more often
Stress was their biggest obstacle to sex, according to about 40 percent of respondents.
But 18 percent said nothing would get in the way if they wanted to have sex.

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