Why Men Love Doing It From Back


Men live for love making. And hitting it from the back is their favourite. These positions give them a sense of superiority and they believe that it satisfies their girl better. Do you want to know more reasons why they are so into love making from the back? Well, here are 12 reasons why men love doing it from the back.

  1. It’s the least awkward position for him

Doing it from back makes men feel more confident about their masculinity and they do it without any awkwardness.

  1. It’s a powerful position

It gives men the position of master and they hit it with more passion and aggressiveness making the love making the experience more sizzling.

  1. You won’t see him wipe snot off his nose in this position

They get to hide behind you and do every disgusting thing without you knowing. So it’s a plus point.

  1. He gets a really good look at your ass

Hitting it from the back gives men the pleasure to have a satisfying look at your beautiful ass. Plus they get the chance to admire it for as long as they stay at the back.

  1. It’s great for all shapes and sizes

It saves you from getting over each other which makes you uncomfortable and breathing difficult. You get more pleasure with less work.

  1. It’s easily modified

Feel tired? Just put a pillow under your belly and let your partner do the work. You can relax anyway you want and still have the pleasure.

  1. He can take a break

It doesn’t require persistence and continuity. Men can easily do it according to their stamina and stop when they feel tired.

  1. It allows for pretty easy cleanup

Because it doesn’t mess up everything. All you have to do is take it out and rush to the bathroom to clean that up.

  1. It’s likely your favorite too

Not only men like doing it from back but women prefer it too.

  1. It’s great for a quickie too

Planning positions and changing angles is not a problem here. Just bend over and let the fun begin.

  1. He can have perfect handholds

He can hold your waist or those bouncy boobs maybe that thick ass. It gives him the liberty to do anything with your body.

  1. It gives him the pleasure of spanking that ass


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