What Men Must Do That Get Women In The Mood

How to get women in the mood, a question which has been asked by almost every man out there. Many have tried to impress a woman and have miserably failed whereas those who know the trick, do it easily. It’s not as easy as you think. If you and your woman aren’t on the same sex-drive page, chances are that getting her in the mood may prove to be near impossible. So here, we will try to make things easier for you.
So here we have listed down 12 such things done by men that get women in the mood!


  1. Stay fit.

This point need not be explained. A fit body is always noticed by girls.


  1. Give her your time.

It’s important to make your girl feel wanted. Give her your time, stay with her, talk to her. Make her feel you want her more than anything in the world.


  1. Smell good.

Perfumes are one of the best ways to turn a girl on. Wear a scent that compliments you and makes your partner swoon for you.


  1. Keep yourself clean.

This is not just important but also, mandatory. Bad odor, clumsiness and things as such turn a girl off. Make sure you stay away from these bad unhealthy habits.


  1. Take your girl out for dinner.

When you take a girl out for dinner and make her feel special. Chances of her getting turn on increases.


  1. Stay by her side through her bad as well good days

This is one of the most basic points of every relationship. Staying by your partner makes them know how bad you want them.


  1. Be courteous.

Be a gentleman. Give your partner every bit of respect she deserves.


  1. Maintain a good dress sense.

A man well dressed always catches everyone’s eyes. Be well dressed. Make your partner feel that she is dating a gentleman.


  1. Talk about your dreams and goals with her.

Trust me when I say this, every girl loves men who know what he is doing. A man focused on his goals and dreams is always a top priority for women.


  1. Try to be romantic.

Love and romance always support each other. Men who know how to be romantic have better chances than those who don’t.


11. Flirt


Don’t just expect her to get in the mood without some flirty effort on your part. Woo her! Flirt with her. Show her just how attracted you are to her!


12. Talk about what you would like to do in bed with her


Spice up your conversations with teases and flirty talk, ease in ideas and thoughts, make her feel sexy and then arouse her with your words.

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