What is it like to be married to an extremely attractive woman?


Been there, it takes being an assertive self-confident person to know that everyone is looking at your wife and wants her.

We were married for 6 years. The biggest challenge is that beautiful women are used to having their way and it mentally throws them off when they cannot have an easy solution. Then they grow resentful over time. At first they can be attracted by your strength but then it just really frustrates them and they grow unhappy. By nature they are not very ambitious because many times they will just be used to having things being handed to them.

Not sure what your exact purpose was in asking this question. Nor do I know if you are male or female, so if you would like to further elaborate, then I would gladly add more details.

It won’t make you any happier if that is what you are getting at. As a matter of fact I regret having wasted my time with her. Going for someone’s looks is very disappointing over the long term.

In general I would recommend making your decision to pursue someone because of how they make you feel. Someone who will be your best friend, that will offer warm support and encouragement, who you enjoy talking with and has an interest in what you have to say, who loves you as much as you love them, shows appreciation, will be emotionally open, and will be loyal to you through everything, makes you smile and makes you feel welcome.

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