Useful Tips of How to Avoid the Friend Zone

Before getting along with the topic how to avoid the friend zone, first, let us see what friend zone actually is. If we can understand this problem first it will become quite easy to get to the solution. The friend zone is not an era but a situation in which there is a slight mismatch in emotional feelings between a girl and a boy.
For instance, sometimes a guy likes a girl and holds a sexual attraction for her but the girl feels no romance towards the guy. Here the girl would call her relationship as “Just Friends”, whereas a guy would like to extend his relationship and give it a better name. Sometimes it may also happen that sexual attraction is there between a guy and a girl but one of the individuals is not ready to make the commitment to the relationship.
This is a friend zone because of the commitment mismatch. The friend zone takes birth where the mutually satisfying relationship is doubtful, one individual is not getting his emotional or sexual needs fulfilled. All the good relationships are formed because there is two-way mutual satisfaction as far as emotions and needs are concerned.
By understanding the phenomena of the friend zone, you must have got the idea to stop it in the first place. There are numerous ways to escape friend zone. Here are listed few useful tips on how to avoid the friend zone.


If you want to know how to avoid the friend zone right off the bat you should stop playing it safe. You will have to use bold phrases like Hey baby; I want to come closer to you. Girls do not mind such phrases as these phrases are important to give them a reality check.
When you have a desire for the girl, you should call her with non friendly names and look at her in a different way as you look at your friends.


The best way to escape the friend zone is to start flirting. Let me operate under the assumption that I shall find more charisma in you than a towel roll and you do not go through sweating or have a twitched eyebrow inspired by fifty shades of grey.
Flirting is always fun and it is the easiest way to tell anybody that you are interested in them. If you feel shy with the flirting part, you are soon going to land in the friend zone. You need to have confidence and a little art of flirting to fly through colors.


You must have heard about the famous saying that Fortune favors the brave. If you find absolutely no romantic connection between you too but you have strong feelings for her, it is the time to ask her on a date. Use it as your chance and try to look firm while asking.
If you show even a little leniency while asking out for a date, you might have to face a rejection with laughing out loud. Even if you get rejected the first time, do not lose hope. Just give her some time.
Remember it is the first time she has got a clear idea from you about your feelings for her. Till now she has known you for the perfect friend in town, now it is the time to show her your skills in extending the relationship.


If you are serious about your choice, then you have to have a big heart and keep trying. Facing rejection is not a big thing but every single guy in his life has gone through multiple rejections. If she refuses to go on a date with you, ask her to go on a movie.
Take your chances and ask her again. Use your imagination and flirt your way into your girl’s heart. She is going to get used to of your this kind of behavior and will accept you as her boyfriend soon.


If you have already entered the friend zone for a couple of months and you want to learn how to avoid the friend zone then you are late my mate! It is quite easy to avoid the friend zone rather than entering the zone first and then finding a way out to escape it.
There are many ways to which you can leave an impression that you want this relationship to be more than just friends. When you develop a feeling for a girl, there is no question about when to get expressive about it. If she has to turn down your proposal she will do that even after you keep this secret to you and reveal it after taking a long time.
It is always better to convey and convince your crush right away. If you do not want to say it directly, you can always use these lines like, I have always wanted a girl/guy like you.


One of the reasons individuals end up being in the friend zone is that they become too friendly that they rather become unattractive for the person they desire. The only feelings they create with their friendly behavior is comfort and peace.
For any reason, the individuals in the friend zone fail to show spark in chemistry with their dream person. When the attraction is one-sided, it goes vain that is why you need to put yourself up as an attractive figure rather than a friendly one.


Another answer to the question how to avoid the friend zone is to become active instead of being passive and afraid. Many people label their relationship as friends because it is easier to get all the love and care without any commitment.
People may love the way you treat them but they take you for granted and keep you on the friendship label. You need to act boldly to get your share of emotions and feelings from the other side.

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