Useful Easy Tips on How to Flirt Without Being Creepy

Mostly when guys like women they hold themselves back because of the fear that women might find them creepy. When a guy wants to flirt with a girl, he should keep few things in consideration to avoid leaving a creepy impression. So before thinking of approaching a girl, make sure that you do not have her on a pedestal.
Remember the tip on how to flirt without being creepy is to act natural. Below are listed few tips on how to flirt without being creepy. Have a look and try them out to get the girl of your dream.


When you have made an eye contact with her, you know this is your time to make her notice you. You would not like to waste it or make it creepy. The tip here is to look at her for a while and then smile by looking away.
You do not have to lock your eyes with her. Even if you have a feeling that she is staring at you, do not maintain an eye contact longer than three seconds. After you have established an eye contact for about two to three times, it is the time to walk to her with a little natural smile on your face. You need to walk at a slow pace not like a monster rushing towards his treat.
You can start a conversation by keeping the whole scenario quite natural. Hi, there will be a good start. You can start on with a casual talk followed by some questions. For instance, you can ask her is it the first time she has hit the place or how often she comes here?
Never think of passing comments on her critical zone in the first conversation. You can talk about her eyes or smile but you cannot state that you like her ass. You can act as a gentleman and offer her some refreshment or a drink.
When you have spent fifteen to twenty minutes talking to her, you can now ask for her mobile number by taking your phone out of your pocket. Also, before you end a conversation with her, show all your courtesy and tell her that it was great meeting her.


Most women find those guys creepy who establish eye contact for five to six times but never appear to approach them. If you want to learn how to flirt without being creepy, here is a tip for you, when you have made eye contact three times, you should not wait for any further and go to the girl.
You need to show the confidence you carry while walking towards her. Make sure that you approach her before she thinks of you as a creepy guy.


The first thing most girls notice about guys is the style with which they carry themselves. If you have messy hair and wearing clothes with no combination, you have already generated some creepy vines to the girls in your surroundings.
You need to look and smell good in order to make her notice your other good traits. That is how you can get started with the flirt game.


When you have decided to approach a girl, you should wear this armor of confidence from head to toe. There is no powerful weapon than confidence a man can carry. It will get very creepy if you approach a girl with a shaky voice and wobbly hands. Now you must be thinking that how you can approach confidently. Here is a brief guide for you:
  • Keep your body posture straight.
  • Do not look here and there while walking towards a girl.
  • Keep your chin up and head straight.
  • Keep your voice firm and act naturally.


A smile is one of the amazing tools to kill the creepy impression. There is a way to wear a smile. It should be appropriate and natural. You do not have to smile too wide as if you heard a joke and neither it has to be so little that it looks fake. You need to smile broad enough that it transfers to your eyes also.
There is no harm if you can practice in front of your mirror. If you want to learn how to flirt without getting creepy, you need to learn to smile just the right way. A perfect smile will hide your errors and will give you an edge over the other guys.


Most of the guys feel accomplished after they have approached a woman and started talking to them remember this is just the beginning. When you have become successful in breaking the barrier and established a communication process, keep it light.
Do not jump to personal questions, like how many siblings they are or how much she earns. You can prepare a list of playful questions that she also enjoys answering and talking to you.
Things will get creepy if you start talking about social issue or politics right in the first meet up. You need to make her feel relaxed while talking to you. This will make her talk to you more. And hence your flirting will be successful.


A lot of guys compliment a girl right on their face in the first meeting that they have beautiful eyes or smile or what she is wearing suits her the best. All the girls have heard these sorts of compliments before.
If you want to know the real art of how to flirt without being creepy, think of portraying your unique side. Try to figure out more about her interest, passion and her dreams. Compliment on them and offer her your plans to help her achieve her goals.
Compliment her for being herself and talk about the real beauty that lies within the soul. If you can manage to talk deep to her, she is going to think of you as a different guy from the rest of the world.

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