Things That Never Fails To Turn A Woman On


For most, trying to find the answer to the question of how to satisfy a woman may be a lot like trying to find the holy grail. However, it’s actually a lot more simple than people make it out to be. Your romantic quest begins here, and with these pointers it will be far easier than finding a mythical shiny cup. So, what’s the ultimate key to a woman’s heart (and libido)? Flowers? Candy? Chocolates? Those things might be part of it, but the real key is less cliché and a lot more common sense. It’s easy — a woman just wants to feel wanted.


Back to basics

Wanting to feel wanted is a basic human desire and even need, regardless of gender, but people often forget this fact. If you’ve hit a rough patch in your romantic relationship, get back to the basics and give your partner what she craves at the fundamental level.


Remind her she’s sexy

If you’ve been dating for a while now, you may think she should already know how you feel about her. While this is true, women like to be reminded that they’re just as attractive to you on your third anniversary as on the first day you met. If you make her feel sexy, she’ll have no problem acting that way for you.



If she keeps complaining of the same issue in your relationship don’t just brush it off as nagging. Listen to what she has to say and take her input into consideration. Show her that her opinions and feelings matter.



If you really don’t know what to do, ask her! She probably has a few ideas of her own already stored, and she’ll appreciate that you care enough to ask. Communication is key in any relationship, and especially one that involves intimacy and sex.


Have sex regularly

Everyone’s libido is different. Some people crave sex more than others. However, you’ve got to be open with each other about what you need and how often you need it and you’ve got to be consistent. Going too long without pleasure creates total boredom.


Avoid ruts

Being consistent doesn’t mean doing the same thing over and over again. If you have the same exact type of meal for dinner every night you’re eventually going to lose interest. Try new things in the bedroom every now and then to show her you’re still brainstorming ways to make her happy.



It seems like the kind of thing old married couples force themselves into, but it actually works to help keep the spark alive. You can’t just stay home and watch movies all the time. Go out on the dates you used to when you first started seeing each other and poke those sleeping butterflies into action.


Sweet talk

Even if you think it goes without saying, it probably doesn’t. Tell her you love her. Tell her she’s beautiful. Simply communicating these little compliments can make her day. Sweet talk, though it may make you feel a bit embarrassed to actually say it out loud, goes such a long way.


Be specific

What exactly is it about her that you fell in love with in the first place? What makes her special, to the world and to you? Let her know she’s not just like everybody else.


Sexual surprises

Get off your *ss and show some passion! Push her up against the wall and kiss her. Show her that you just have to have her. Be cute and aggressive at the same time, keeping things light and hot. She won’t know what hit her! Keep intimacy exciting by being spontaneous.


Don’t stress

When something goes wrong in our relationships, we tend to stress and overthink matters. This usually makes it worse. Your mission is simple–to make her feel wanted–so your process should be simple, too.


Show effort

Along with the desire to be desired comes the want to see some sort of effort. No woman wants to see her man get too comfortable and slack off. If you’re not putting in some work, she’ll feel like she’s not worth the work. At least, to you. Show her she’s worth it.


Be creative

While simple displays of affection are definitely required, sometimes you need to switch up the routine to keep life interesting. Think about her interests and plan a night out or a day trip around it. The fact that you can remember details about what she likes will instantly win you some points inside the bedroom and out.


Fun for two

These tips aren’t all about the other person, by the way. Taking these hints can make your relationship fun for the both of you again. It’s a two-way street, so make sure it’s one you both want to walk down.



When she notices you’re doing all you can to make her feel wanted and loved, she’ll do the same for you. Reciprocation is key in a relationship, and shouldn’t feel forced or “required.” (If she doesn’t, you shouldn’t be dating. Move on.)


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