The Positives of Being Single

Let’s be honest. Being “single” is considered one of the worst relationship statuses, especially around the holiday season. Instead of focusing time on yourself, you try to couple up.  This means going on a bunch of terrible dates and often loosing sight of who you are.  We’ve complied a list from the experts as to why you should take pride in your “single” status.


You can indulge in the pleasures of being alone.

We are taught at a young age that finding our Prince Charming is the ultimate goal. As you focus all of our time and energy on finding him, you miss out on all the things you can do alone: taking a moment to yourself to enjoy a cup of coffee; watching your Netflix queue judgement-free; regulating the temperature of your house; having a clean bathroom; focusing on long-term friendships.


Go on an adventure.

You have no reason to NOT go on an adventure. Whether it’s a day trip or a trip around the world, you owe it to yourself to travel. Experience things you never imaged. Be completely spontaneous.


Appreciate the guys in your life.

Having true guy friends in your life is a great confidence booster. Most guys’ high energy and carefree vibes can boost your happiness. You’ll expand your friend group with his friends and who knows, you might find “the one” along the way.


You could be dating a jerk.

Reclaim the power of eating an entire pint of ice cream because YOU want to, not because of heartbreak (or because he’s flaky). Instead of enjoying your ice cream you could be hanging out with a guy who is unfaithful, secretive and picks fights.


Love yourself first.

You can’t love someone until you’re completely in love with yourself. That’s not to say you should be vain, but you should be confident enough to appreciate the powerful and wonderful person you are, flaws and all. Meditate. Journal. Splurge. Do whatever it takes to make you feel full, confident and truly happy.


When you’re not looking for love, love can still find you.

Finding love is all about luck. What if you never went out to dinner? What if you didn’t stop to get that coffee even though you were running late to work? Love can’t always be planned. You might find the love of your life when you least expect it.


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