The Love I Lost Forever! – A Sad Love Story That Will Make You Cry

The Love i lost forever is a heart touching sad love story. True Love is so rare in real world. It is said that only few people has the luck enough to find it. Some people fails to recognize it in right time. When they identify it, sometimes it is lost forever. And this is a heart touching sad love story of true love and a lost love.

The Love I Lost Forever! -A Sad Love Story

Wikram’s eyes followed Sonam, as she walked passed, with her usual clique of friends. He couldn’t have looked away even if he had forced himself to. He couldn’t have slowed his frantically beating heart. He couldn’t have shooed away the butterflies dancing in his belly. His reaction for her presence was immediate and involuntary. He just couldn’t help himself.
“Dude, no. Not again. Please tell me you’ve given up trying to get that girl.”
Wikram glared at his friend next to him, whose existence he had momentarily forgotten.
“What do you think that I should do to win her? She doesn’t believe that my love is true.”
He was heartbroken and stung by her continuous rejection of his love. He was desperate enough to do anything for her, just to make her believe how much she was worth for him.
“Wik, the only thing you are left with giving her is your life! And she definitely isn’t worth of it. Give it up man. It’s time to let go.”
His friends didn’t understand his feelings. There was something about Sonam that attracted him with a force like gravity. It wasn’t her beauty, he was certain. She is not an ‘intoxicating beauty’: with model-height, size zero, straight, shiny hair out of a shampoo advertisement, or with clear, spotless skin. Her hair is a mass of curls, and she has freckles on her nose, which made her adoringly cute for Wikram.
He had tried explaining her how much he loved her and how much he would treasure her. When she didn’t understand, he tried showing her how much he meant what he said.
He would wake up before dawn, which he hadn’t done ever since he was in highschool, and would shower and shave to look presentable. As she refuses rides from him, he would go upto her bus stop daily and ensure she safely arrives at College. In the evening too, he would follow her bus and drive all the way to her home.
Last valentine, he bought fresh bouquets of her favourite black roses and decorated the entire locker room! He even sang a song for her, at the college ‘Valentine Musicale’. He had looked at her from the stage, knelt down, and told her that the song was dedicated for her. She had been quite taken aback with his performance as the entire college gave him a lasting ovation. But that was all. She was indifferent to him.
He wasn’t filthy rich like some of his friends, but by using his savings from part-time gigs, he was able to buy her a Rolex wristwatch on her birthday. But she had refused to take it. She even tore up the greeting card he had spent hours making. The rejection hurt more than he could imagine.
Today they were graduating and then they’ll be gone on their separate ways. He has been having high hopes for this day. He had thought Sonam would finally accept him as it is their last day at College. But his hopes went down the drain when she rejected him on this morning too. He felt desperate and utterly hopeless to imagine a future without Sonam. His friend was right. He really had nothing more to give her or show her to prove his love.
Sonam saw Wikram from the corner of her eyes, as she walked passed him. She noticed him way too much than she was willing to accept. As the days went by, his broad shoulders and straight jaw made him look more handsome in her eyes. His efforts to prove his love, has got her and her friends hyped up. They would daily come up with what he might do next to win her. And everything he did, made her beam with pride. She had never even dreamt of being loved this much!
She had started developing feelings for him over time. Finally it sank-in that she loved him. Several times she had thought of accepting his love, but she hadn’t. She hadn’t even told her friends about her feelings towards him. She wanted to see how far he would go to show her how much he loved her.
” I think I’ve fallen in love with Wikram. ” As Sonam finally drew up enough courage and accepted it, her friends stopped talking. Stopped giggling. They stared at her with their jaws dropping open.
The silence stretched from seconds to minutes. ” Aren’t you guys gonna tell anything? ”
“Why didn’t you tell us? Why were you pretending to hate him? “Asked Laila.
” I don’t know. I just wanted to see how far he would go to show me his love. We were enjoying a lot right? But since today’s the last day, maybe I should tell him that?”
” Son, you could have just told him that, way before. I don’t like to think that you’ve lead him on. For God’s sake Sona, why did you reject him this morning too! Didn’t you see the pain on his face?”
All her friends nodded in agreement and she started feeling guilty. It was obvious how far he would sacrifice for her. What kind of a guy would drive his car all the way to her home just to make sure she is safe? What kind of a guy would be bold enough to go in public and sing songs for a girl? These things mostly happened only in movies. If he had the courage to do it in reality, he was truly a guy worth loving for an eternity.
She had been a fool. An utter fool. She hadn’t thought of how badly she’d hurt him. Every rejection would have hurt like daggers. She was suddenly overwhelmed with emotions and ran in search of Wikram. She must tell him now. She must tell him she loves him too. First, she must find him.
She ran to the auditorium where everyone was busy preparing for the graduation. He was probably there, as he was the Head Organizer. She saw all of his friends but not him and none of them had seen him in more than an hour. Her heart skipped a beat. He would have probably gone to the rest room, she thought.
He wasn’t there in restrooms, cafeteria, sports auditorium, and even in the library. By the time she reached the car park to make sure he hadn’t left, she was panting. To her relief, it was there. So he had to be somewhere inside the college.
She searched the locker rooms, the study halls, and again the auditorium with the hope that he would’ve returned. But he hadn’t.
Suddenly there were loud screams coming from the rooftop of the auditorium. Everybody rushed up to see what was wrong. By the time Sonam reached the scene, there were blood stains everywhere. It didn’t take long to realize whose they were for he had written ‘ I love you Sonam’ from his own blood. Tears streaming down her face, she searched for him.
“Idiot! That idiot slit his wrists and jumped! He killed himself! Idiot!” She heard his best friend scream from the top of his lungs, before her world blacked out.

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