The First Date


You only get one chance to make a first impression.
Being on a first date is not only about getting to know someone, it’s not some kind of job interview… In addition to getting to know your date two other things are important according to most experts: having some kind of physical interaction and, above all, having fun.
A key principle for all successful dating is to plan ahead. The less you leave to chance, the more you increase your actual chances of getting where or what you want. Before even thinking of where to go and what to say or wear it is crucial to have a clear mind on the purpose of the date. Are you doing it for fun or to pursue a serious relationship? Maybe you are out to perfect your dating skills? This awareness helps in all other decisions about the date and will also help you act more confident.
You only get one chance to make a first impression and your own judgement is equally quick, so pay close attention to your feelings during the first five minutes of the date. If you did not have a clear idea beforehand these first minutes are where you will decide if this date is something to go for, and in that case if it is a just for fun kind of thing or something more serious.
Choosing the perfect location for your first dates is not as important as choosing the right kind of location and of course avoiding the unsuitable ones. Make sure that you have a few options thought out before discussing where to go. Making a suggestion is always better then bouncing the decision between each other. If your date does not approve you suggestion you can ask for theirs or suggest one of your options. If you are meeting your date at a restaurant, make sure to check the environment, menu and prices before you go. Going to a place you are familiar with or maybe where some people even might know you will show that you’re a social person.
Conversation is also a key element of the first date with someone. Make sure to catch up on the news a day or two in advance to have some current topics in store. Two basic principles of successful conversation on a first date are to keep it interesting and to open multiple conversation threads. Doing these two things will give the positive impression that you have known your date for a long time and that you have a lot to talk about.

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