Sweet Ways To Remind Your Boyfriend That You Love Him


Love is a sweet thing to happen to anybody, it makes you feel you are in a pink cloud. Why is it important for a girl to remind her boyfriend in sweet ways that she loves him? The reason is that guys have a tendency of losing their patience in a relationship, much sooner than the girls. Somewhere things begin to get stale and boring for them. Hence, a girl needs to constantly remind her boyfriend about the love she has for him. It’s just like charging your mobile that is low in battery, that simple.

Therefore, there are many sweet ways to express your love to your boyfriend, which will grasp his attention. When you begin to implement these sweet ways, then the romance becomes more alive and the bonding turns stronger. None of these sweet ways are anyway strenuous or painful if you really love your boyfriend.


  1. Do what he likes.

Whenever there is spare time try and do things that your boyfriend likes. If he has a love for action movies or a game, switch it on and watch it along with him.


  1. Wear the dress he really loves.

Every boyfriend finds their girlfriend cute or sexy in a particular dress, which they love to see them wearing. So, if you have the clue of which dress, then without any hesitation wear it for him. Now, whether that is a skirt, jeans or an evening gown, make sure to put it on. People pleasing in this area is beneficial.


  1. Give him a surprise gift.

When your boyfriend is at home and with him at least expecting, surprise him with a gift. Buy him something, that he has been wanting for quite some time, this will be like a cherry on the cake. It will assure you that you love him.


  1. Write him a love letter.

The best way to express your love is through love letters when you pen down your thoughts and feelings for your boyfriend. Let not the content be too serious, but add a little humorous touch to it. It may look old-fashioned, but this will be cherished and remembered by him for a long time.


  1. Cook the dish he loves to eat.

They say, that to get to a man’s heart is via his stomach. Cook up the dish he loves the most, and surprise him with something delicious. This will definitely grab his attention and remind him too, that how much you care for him.


  1. Recreate the first date, when you met.

He has always taken you out, but now it’s your turn and the best place to take him, is the spot where you first met. When there, remind him how he made you go crazy over him. This will certainly remind him and take him down memory lane, along with goosebumps.


  1. Send him a romantic text.

A quick “I love you” text when he’s at the office will really make an impact on him. There’s something incredibly sweet about an unexpected loving text message from you that can lit-up his entire day. Complimenting him for being a lovable boyfriend, will pep his self-esteem and make him feel worthy.


  1. Send him a cute selfie.

When you are away from him, send him cute selfies during the day, whether it’s from your workplace, home or with your friends. Every boyfriend loves to see their girlfriend’s images popping up on their phone, confirming him that he is been thought of.


  1. Leave a sweet note.

You can leave a sweet note anywhere here and there, either in his lunch box or on his car steering wheel. Write how much you love him and miss him, trust me, this little gesture from you, will be really appreciated by your boyfriend.


  1. Get to know his friends.

One of the sweet ways to remind your boyfriend that you love him is by being friendly with his friends and getting to know them. It makes him feel secure that you care for him and his friends too. Friends also have a special place in their life and he will highly respect you for this understanding.


  1. Show affection in public.

Guys love attention and especially when a girl shows that in a public place in some very sweet ways. Pecking his cheek or hands with a kiss, playing and squeezing his hands or hugging him tightly. This attitude of yours will prove that you are proud to have him as your boyfriend.


  1. Give him his space.

Everybody likes to be given some space and all the time clinging on to your boyfriend is going to make it very suffocating for him. Giving space is to give an opportunity for him to miss you and value your presence. Letting him be with his friends, or all alone to himself, will make the relationship much healthier.


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