Signs You Have Way More Sex Than Average Person

Some people are just oversexed. They get it at all different times of the week, and they just seem to magically have romance oozing off of them. They’ve got sex appeal, and they constantly have suitors knocking on their doors. They are just the few, the proud, the sex magnets of the world. And most of the time, they really don’t think they’re that special.Are you oversexed? If you’re not sure, take a look at these signs that are clear indicators that you have way more sex than the average person.


You think a dry spell is, like, one week long


A dry spell for a normal person can last anywhere from three to six months. If your idea of a dry spell is not getting laid in the past week, then you are probably someone who gets a lot more sex than the typical person. Or at least, you get sex more frequently than a typical person does.


Actually, you get laid like, three times a week, minimum


This is actually the average for taken couples. If you get laid five times a week or so on an average week, you get a lot more sex than a normal person does — and that means you’re lucky in the lovin’ department.


You regularly have threesomes and host orgies


Most people will only have a threesome once or twice in their lifetime. If you regularly host group sex meets, then yes, you are definitely one of the people out there who can claim they have more sex than average


Sex comes easy for you, but relationships are almost impossible to attain once people find out about your sexuality


Sexually speaking, you’re a dynamo. The problem is that people will avoid dating you because you’re so overly sexualized, and they feel like they can’t possibly please you in the long term. It’s the price you pay for being a major player. Trust us, we know it’s hard and heartbreaking, but what can ya do?


You actually have a list of sex partners you choose from


You don’t just hook up with one person during the week. There are multiple people you regularly sleep with, and more often than not, you get annoyed and throw one out if they aren’t able to meet up on a frequent-enough basis.


People don’t believe your number


When people ask how many others you slept with, you tell them…only to have them not believe you. Or, they just kind of sit there, shocked and uncomfortable when they actually realize you’re serious. This is a sign that you’ve probably slept with more people than just about everyone else in your social circle.


Or, YOU don’t know your number


If the number of people you slept with is so high you lost count, it’s safe to say that you’ve probably had a lot more sex than a typical person has had in their lifetime.


People regularly come to you for casual hookups because they already know it’s “your thing”


If you’re everyone’s go-to person for casual sex or swinging, or even just sex advice, it’s a good sign that you have a reputation for getting laid on the regular. This isn’t a bad thing per se, but it does suggest that you probably have a more active libido than most others.


You have a bit of a sexual reputation


If you’re regularly known as the neighborhood Lothario, then chances are that you’re getting laid way more frequently than most of the other people in your clique.


You roll your eyes at people who slut-shame


After a certain point, slut-shaming just seems stupid to people who have a lot of sex. Like, do people really have to ruin other peoples’ fun just because they can’t seem to get laid. It’s immature, and it’s obvious why they aren’t getting laid. They’re too jealous to have fun with.


You know size doesn’t matter


Great sex can be had with small members, as long as the guy knows what he’s doing. Though you’ll never turn down someone who’s well endowed, you also will give the little guy a chance simply because you never know how someone will be until you try them out.


Your knowledge on kink, swinging, and crazy sex is encyclopedic


And, you’ve actually put it into practice, too. You know the difference between a regular flogger and a cat o’ nine tails. You know where to whip a person, and where to avoid. You know the difference between partial and full swaps, and what to look for in swinging partners. You know it because you lived it.


You don’t judge others based on their sexuality


People who have a lot of sex don’t judge other people harshly based on sex. They have no reason to hate on others for doing what they themselves do. As a result, you don’t slut-shame, no matter what that other person has done in the past.


Some of your sexcapades could make Penthouse blush


Okay, maybe this is more of a sign that you’re a total kinkster, but the fact remains that it takes a special type of oversexedness to get into certain situations. If you can actually recount a moment you’ve slept with half a dozen people in the course of a day, or if you can talk about a crazy outing with strangers, it’s safe to say you get laid.


People have asked you how you get so much sex


If people actually have to ask you, it’s a sign that you might have sexual superpowers others don’t know about. It’s not necessarily something you can teach, but feel free to give out pointers when you need to.


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