Sexy Qualities Of Every Zodiac Sign

Every sign is sexy, but every sign is also unique. There are a dozen different ways to entice a lover, and each zodiac has a trait it relies on most to get the job done. Based on what we know about each one, we can tell you who’s the best in bed because of their passion, who’s the strongest, and even who’s got the sexiest smile. What is it about you that wins people over? Hopefully you already know, but in case you don’t, we’re here to tell you just how to use your natural talents to your advantage.



The sexiest thing about an Aquarius is your big, sexy brain. You may have decent looks, but that’s not what draws people to you. It’s your razor sharp wit and your fascinating mind that keeps people intrigued. Smart is sexy!



You’re most sexy when you’re serious – and you’re serious a lot. You’re not one to wear your emotions on your sleeve. You keep a stoic look about you and it drives people wild. You look like you don’t mess around and you could possibly even be a little dangerous.



You are the most affectionate lover. You always crave physical contact and touch is extremely important to you. This makes you sexy because when people are with you they feel special, loved, and desired.



Taurus, you have a lot of good qualities. You’re loyal and caring, but what makes you sexy is your style. You’re the one who’s going to go all out with lingerie, scented candles, and any other material pleasures you can think of to enhance the sexual experience.



What makes a Sagittarius so sexy is the person’s playful nature. Your smile is the most enchanting part about you and your lover would do anything to make you smile. You know how to have a good time and you’re always looking for one.



Your sexiest quality is your dominance. Admittedly, you can be a little self-centered sometimes, but you know what you want and you take it. For women who love to be handled and thrown around in the bedroom, you’re the ideal lover.



You don’t hold back. When you’re turned on, you make sure your partner knows it without a doubt. You love to love and courtship is your favorite game. You’re a smooth-talker who knows how to make all the right moves.



You are the most passionate lover. Others may be more slick or more romantic, but you turn up the heat the most. You truly just enjoy the act of sex and want to explore your partner’s body in every way possible. Nothing is off-limits for you.



Gemini is always in search of the next adventure. You’re the one who would have sex just about anywhere. You’re unpredictable and a little zany, but that’s what makes you so irresistible. You keep people guessing and totally fawning over you.



Virgo is the ultimate sensual lover. You’re the nurturing type, so when you find someone you’re comfortable letting it, you give them everything you have. You’re sensitive and you always want sex to be as emotionally intense as it is physically intense.



Cancer is very giving. Naturally, this quality translates remarkably well into the bedroom. Your sexiest attribute is that you’re willing to do anything for your partner, and you make sure they know it. You treat your partner like royalty.



The sexiest thing about you is your strength, Aries. Physically and mentally, you are tough, resilient, and powerful. Anyone can easily tell just by looking at you that you’re a force to be reckoned with, and that’s a total turn-on.

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