Sex Worker Reveals What she Learned After Twelve years in the Industry


39-year-old Gwyneth Montenegro from Australia is a former prostitute who says she has slept with over 10,000 men.

And the ex-sex worker has now written a book revealing everything she learned from working in the industry.

Montenegro says she wrote her book, The Secret Taboo, with the hope of passing on her knowledge and empowering younger escorts who are “disheartened, bitter, broken and financially struggling.”

However the book has come under fire by some people who claim it teaches young women to be prostitutes.

But Montenegro says it’s more about being “financially successful.”

“Controversially I opted to teach young ladies how to survive as an escort,” she told the Mail. “Okay, to not only survive but to show her every tip and every trick needed to earn impressive amounts of money within the industry… and get out.”

Amongst the insights revealed in the book, Montenegro confirms that different men like different body types.

“You don’t have to be the hottest femme fatale, but as long as you are well groomed, comfortable and confident in your own skin, have a great vibe, energetic and you are professional… then this is what it takes,” she says.

“There are many, many different women of all shapes, ages, sizes and backgrounds than you can think of making money from their body.”

Montenegro says it’s not true that men are only interested in younger women, with escorts of all ages being financially successful.

She believes it’s also a myth that all men want “kinky services.” Instead, most of Montenegro’s clients simply want to feel desired, needed and wanted.


Hey I just wanted to say thanks to each and everyone here who’s been with me on this journey. You all rock you know!

— Gwyneth Montenegro (@ThisIsGwyneth) November 13, 2017


They want someone they can have a proper conversation and connection with.

Montenegro’s insights into the industry may be meant to empower women, but many people fear the book will encourage women to do things they’re not comfortable with to please men and earn money.


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