Sex Tips That Will Give You A More Spiritual Connection To Your Partner

Some of these sex tips will actually take place during sex or at least in the bedroom. Others, however, can spiritually enhance your sex life by occurring on a basic human level, anywhere in the world. You can be at a park or you can be in an ice cream shop, and you can still practice some of these techniques to help foster a deeper, more emotional connection between you and your partner that will translate into your sex life. We access our spirituality through our emotions, so in order to make sex spiritual, we need to take the physical into the emotional realm.


More than physical

Sex is wonderful for physical reasons alone. Sexual pleasure and reaching orgasm is enough incentive to want to do it all the time. If you’re serious about your partner, however, the physical aspect may not be all there is to it. The emotional and spiritual aspects of sex are just as important, if not more.


Slow it down

Doing it rough and fast is a sure way to have a fun, wild time, and it feels awesome. If you’re looking for more intimacy, though, try slowing down your pace. Slowing it down makes you really focus in on each individual thrust and movement, which magnifies the pleasure and helps you connect emotionally.


Explore each other

Take this time to explore each other. Learn all the nooks and crannies of each other’s bodies. There’s nothing like feeling like your partner knows all of you with extreme intimate detail.


Focus on their pleasure

Sex and your relationship should always be 50/50. This doesn’t mean that each session has to be completely fair, however. Try a session where you just focus on pleasing him. You’ll get really invested in giving him the ultimate pleasure and that will help foster a deeper connection.


Focus on you

On the other hand, sometimes he should dedicate his time to just focusing on you and your pleasure. Try a sex session where it’s all about you and really milk it. You want to please you’re partner, but it’s also emotionally beneficial to know that your partner wants to do the same for you.


Step outside the comfort zone

Couples who try new things together and engage in new experiences develop stronger emotional ties. If you both are trying something new in bed for the first time, you’ll always have that memory and that connection that is specific to this relationship.


Naked cuddles

After you’re done having sex, don’t just immediately get dressed or turn on the TV. Stay in bed together, without clothes, and cuddle. This prolongs the intimacy of your sex and creates deeper emotions.


Small gestures of love

The most transformative moments during sex can be the smallest. If you’re having sex and he takes the time to kiss you on the forehead, that’s an immediate sign that he is totally in love with you and it makes you feel like the most special person in the world.



Reaching a spiritual connection in bed with your partner (and out of bed, for that matter) is all about how vulnerable you’re willing to let yourself be. If you can let yourself surrender to your partner completely in that moment, it will create very powerful feelings.


Change the lighting

Something as simple as setting the mood can help make your sex session more intimate and spiritual. Dim the lights down but don’t shut them off. Make the environment calm and serene and your sex will be passionate.



Starting out with a full body massage is a great way to do foreplay and a great way to get intimate. With your hands rubbing every inch of your partner’s body, or his over yours, you’ll have an extremely sensual experience. Enhancing touch is very important.



Being friends and not just lovers is crucial for a partnership to last and be fulfilling. You want to feel safe and loved and like they’ve got your back. A best friend knows you better than anyone and will always be there for you. Having a best friend in your lover makes your connection so much stronger.


Talk about the dark times

This might seem totally not sexy and difficult to do, but it’s good to discuss things that are bad sometimes. We’re all human and we all have things that bother and upset us. Sharing that with your partner and showing your vulnerable side and having them support you is incredibly special and can make for steamier sex.


Have sex when you’re emotional

After you’ve had an emotional talk or if you’ve just had a really emotional day, seize the opportunity to have sex with your partner. Making love at a heightened emotional state will make the experience extremely special.


Transcendent experience

The closer you get to your partner and the more emotionally open you are with one another, the better your chances of reaching a transcendental sexual experience. Not only will the sex be transcendental, but the emotional revelation will be, too.


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