Seven Japanese Skills That Make Women Happy


Women seek romantic partners for different reasons, but many find their hearts set aflutter by a man who can readily demonstrate skills they haven’t got. So, what are seven skills that make women happy?


  1. Masculine and Robust Cooking


Many women seek men who can take care of meal preparation and other domestic chores. Often they say this is because “I’m not good at it.”


  1. Martial Arts like Judo or Karate


Men with combat skills who are able to protect their partner in case trouble goes down represent attractive physical strength. However, men who habitually act tough and violent are a no-go.


  1. Musical Abilities like Playing the Guitar or Piano


The ability to give a musical performance is very attractive to Japanese women. A man who not only sings, but can accompany his girlfriend’s singing as well, offers the potential for shared fun.


  1. Problem-Solving Computer Skills


An ability to solve computer problems reflects a practical streak, which is a very appealing characteristic to Japanese women less skilful with technology. However, explanations laden with excess detail tend to bore and alienate, so keep your lectures brief.


  1. Soothing a Tired Body with Massage


What woman could resist a man who can ease her exhaustion with massage? This element of a close physical relationship allows for deeper communication, too.


  1. Outdoor Skills for Fun Camping Dates


Many Japanese women find men who are strong and capable in natural environments like the sea or mountains dependable. However, a man should avoid dragging a woman along on outdoor excursions if she’s the indoor type.


  1. Reliable Car Maintenance Skills in Case of a Breakdown


Many women are poor at car maintenance, and this special skill can be actively employed in many scenarios. Similarly, Japanese women are also pleased with men who are skilled drivers.


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