Secrets of Women’s that no one tells you


Secrets of women that no one tells you which might interest or boring read these secrets and tell me your views in the comment.

  1. Women protect men by not telling them what they really think. Somebody said, “If all women in the universe would tell the truth, the universe would collapse” and I assure you, that is true! Why do we do it? Because a lot of men don’t want the truth or they have a hard time taking it. Truth is a threat to their self-confidence, and it implies change, which a lot of men don’t want to bother with.
  2. Women need to respect their men. It’s very hard to love or keep loving a man you don’t respect. Who do we not respect? Men-boys that don’t own their mistakes and don’t take responsibility for their actions, men-liars (that’s the worse), men afraid to cry or show real emotions, men without values and aspirations, men who don’t try their best to be good dads, who stop evolving and growing, who limit their lives to a hamburger, a beer, a game, and a good fuck. We want to have an equal partner and we want to be inspired by our man.
  3. Women fake orgasms. Many times. For multiple reasons. Either to please the man ( men seem to equate performance with orgasm in their partner) or to end it for whatever reason (too much acrobatics and no essence, poor lover, selfish lover). We don’t know if men don’t sense when we do it or they don’t care/want to know.
  4. Women don’t want to be your mama. If you behave like a child, sexual desire goes down the drain.
  5. Women worry a lot about their bodies and think if they are not perfect they couldn’t be desirable.
  6. Women sort their feelings in the same way they are their laundry. They need to take each one out, hang it on an imaginary clothesline, look at it, air it; only then can she fold it neatly and store it in the closet. They just need a witness when they do that. A witness to the process, not a savior. Most women are very attracted to bad boys, but they won’t stay in love with them.
  7. If a woman has love and a reason to be proud of her man, she will give him endless loyalty, love, support, and understanding. If a woman is being touched and made to feel like a woman and not a generic sex object, she will give him endless sex too.
  8. A Caring Guy Is a Hot Guy. What do women want? For those who’ve ever pondered this question, here are 19 relationship secrets. They’re based on the study of healthy, happy couples and our changing gender roles. Secret No. 1: Women appreciate a guy with a sensitive side, especially when they’re upset. Put your arm around her and hand her a tissue. Nurturing is a powerful way to connect.
  9. Chivalry Still Has a Place. When it comes to romance, many women do like men to take a traditionally masculine role. This is especially true in the wooing stage of a relationship, according to psychologist Diana Kirschner, Ph.D., who’s written several books about love. She’s perfectly capable of pulling out her own chair or opening a door, but if you see her hesitate, she might just be waiting for you to be the gentleman.
  10. Dress to Impress. Styles come and go, but a man’s attention to his grooming and clothing should be long-lasting. It’s important to women from the first flirtation through the honeymoon and beyond. “You’ve got to figure out if there’s a certain look that she likes,” says Kirschner. “If she likes a guy in tight jeans, you wear tight jeans.” Guy Wears Red, Guy Gets Girl **OK, this tip doesn’t come from women, but from clever testing by psychologists of women’s subconscious preferences. One intriguing study found that the color red made men seem more powerful, attractive, and sexually desirable to women. There’s a caveat, though. Red doesn’t make guys appear nicer or kinder. That part is up to you.
  11. Don’t Hide Your Flaws. Nothing captures a woman’s heart quite like a good man who wants to be a better man, according to love guru Kirschner. “Women love personal growth, they love a man who is thoughtful and sensitive.” She likes it when her man recognizes a flaw — a short temper, for example, or a regularly sullen mood after work — and loves it when he makes an effort to address it.
  12. Don’t Try to Fix Her World. When something’s bothering her, she wants your ear, not your advice. “Men feel the need to fix things because they are solution-oriented,” says Kirschner. “But to a woman, really listening is a wonderful, wonderful thing that deepens the relationship.”
  13. Nodding Is Not Enough. Listening is important, but she also wants to know that she is being heard. Nodding along won’t cut it. When she pauses, she’s giving you a cue to respond in a compassionate, caring way, says Kirschner. If she tells you that she is upset because her boss gave her a tough time, she wants to hear you say, “I’m sorry that work was such a drag for you today.” And remember: Resist the urge to offer solutions.
  14. Date No. 3 Is Not a Bedroom Key. The three dates before sex rule is an urban legend. Women don’t set a timeline on when they’ll invite a potential partner into the bedroom. Some women will want to have many dates before sex. A good rule of thumb is to give the relationship at least two months to grow before entering the sexual arena.
  15. Women Like the Slow Lane. Guys often want to take the quickest path to sex. But many women prefer the scenic route. “Women want sex but they get to it in a different way,” says psychologist Kirschner, who has helped hundreds of couples achieve a more rewarding relationship. “They want to feel connected and understood, they want to be romanced.” That means time and talking and touching — in other words, foreplay.
  16. Safe Sex Is a Turn-On. This is something both of you need to focus on, but Kirschner says that women appreciate it and feel more protected when the guy clarifies that it’s a concern to him — and then shows her that he practices what he preaches.
  17. Learn What She Wants in Bed. Women do like to talk to about what’s going on in the sack, and they want to please their man — and a tactful approach is often best. Ask her what she likes. Be sure to ask for what you want in a positive and validating way. Kirschner advises to say something along the lines of, “I would really love if you [fill in the blanks].”
  18. Performance Anxiety Is Shared. When you have an off night and can’t perform, she feels bad, too. She might worry that she no longer turns you on and she will want assurance that that is not true. She will want to talk about what’s going on and what you are doing about it, especially if it’s a recurring problem. “It’s a touchy thing for both of you,” says Kirschner, “but talking about it is a plus.”
  19. Mirroring Is a Barometer of Love. Remember the saying “imitation is the highest form of flattery”? A woman often conveys how she feels about you by mirroring your moods and moves. She may order a meal that pairs with yours, wear your favorite color, or smile or cross her arms when you do. Mimicking is her way of putting you at ease and letting you know she is charmed.
  20. Your Shirt May Be a Love Magnet. Does your partner curl up in your sweater or sneak into your work shirt? Some researchers have found that the scent of a man’s perspiration has a relaxing effect on women.


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