Nothing Gonna Change -A Long Distance Relationship Love Story

Mike played their last telephone conversation in his mind, over and over again. He couldn’t believe Helen didn’t want him anymore. They both knew that there is a strong chemistry between them. It had been an instant attraction, like a gravitational pull. He felt it, and she had felt it too. It was other-worldly and true. Their love is true.
There has to be some reason for her sudden change, and he knew he had to find it out. He deserved to know the truth of breaking up. If she had a valid reason, he would let her go for he loved and respected her a whole lot. But he doesn’t believe her reason of ‘not being good enough for him’, it was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard.
He had spotted Helen for the very first time at the concert in Paris and she had come to all his shows in Italy. It was impossible to miss her, even in the middle of a large crowd. Italy was a beautiful country with beautiful people in it, yet she was special. He had also seen a great many beauties throughout his career as a Singer- a celebrity. But Helen was an exception. Every time he sang in her presence, he knew he sang for her.
She has the most beautiful smile Mike had ever seen. Her eyes are the most captivating and her nose has the perfect length and straightness which made her look as regal as a queen. Her wavy mass of brown hair reminded him of Mariyan from the Robin Hood Show. Everything about Helen is breathtakingly beautiful.
He reached her on his fifth show in Italy, and asked her out. She hadn’t freaked out like any other fan would have. He liked that about her, she treated him as an equal, not as a god she would worship.
He got to know her better during his tour of Paris which lasted for 3 months and eventually they had fallen in love. She was not only beautiful, but innocent like a butterfly and kind and soft too. God had molded Helen into perfection and he knew with conviction that he could love her forever.
When he had to leave Paris for a tour in the Middle East, he had vowed never to forget her, and she vowed the same. He had never felt such pain of loss, until he had to bid Hellen a goodbye for 4 months. He had cried- something he hadn’t done since his mom’s death. He missed Helen so much.
In spite of his incredibly busy schedule, he always made time to speak to her, on and off. They would talk about everything and nothing for hours and hours. Even distance couldn’t separate them. They bonded stronger every day.
But all of a sudden, things started changing. Helen became suddenly busy, and for the first time she didn’t speak to him for two whole weeks. He had desperately tried reaching her. His irritation had turned into panic. Finally, Helen did call him. But it was not his Helen who spoke. The new Helen was cold, and made it very clear to him that she didn’t want him anymore. It was a big blow to his heart.
Mike couldn’t live without her, the loss was staggering. So today he decided to fly back to Paris. He was going to surprise Helen by meeting her, and demanding her to deny her love in front of him. He wanted to see if she could do it- say ‘no’ to his face, say ‘no’ to their love.
He landed in Paris wearing huge, black shades to avoid paparazzi from making a scene. He didn’t want Helen to know that he was here. He wanted to catch her off guard with his visit so that she wouldn’t be able to escape an explanation for calling things off.
He drove all the way to her house clinging to the hope that she would be at home. When he finally reached her place, the janitor refused to let him in.
“I promise to pay you a bonus and Miss Helen won’t regret that I’m here. ”
“Sir, I’m sorry. Miss Helen isn’t expecting visitors today.”
“Do you know who I am? I’m Miss Helen’s boyfriend – Mike Russey.” He removed his shades and extended his right hand.
Recognition shone in the Janitor’s eyes and to Mike’s satisfaction, he shook hands and let him in with a promise of signing an autograph before he leaves.
He entered the massive house. The garden was exquisitely maintained. He knew that Helen had to be from a wealthy family judging from the fact that she always sat on the VIP area at his concerts. But even though her house was beautiful, he thought it was not beautiful enough for his Helen. He would win her back today, and marry her and buy her a castle- where a princess like her should exactly be.
He walked along the long passage, passing all the flower pots blossomed with variety of flowers. It made him smile to imagine Helen gardening. He would love to have a handmade garden with Helen.
As he walked further into the house, he could hear a soft music pouring in and an even softer voice singing along. It took him only a fraction of a second to realize it was Helen, singing along with him- his song. With a sudden burst of hope, he made his way towards her.
Helen was sitting on a chair near the patio, her hair loose and her eyes concentrating on a painting she was working on. Her pouty lips were mimicking his lyrics while he sang through the radio. He couldn’t blink for the fear of missing a nanosecond of what was in front of him.
“Helen” He whispered. She lifted her head and her eyes grew wide with disbelief. Her expressions changed from disbelief to sorrow and to relief. But she spoke no words.
He took small steps towards her. She was frozen in place, her eyes blurry with unshed tears he didn’t understand about.
“Stop. Don’t come closer. Go Mike. Go back. ”
“Why? I know you love me. I can see you love me. You are listening to me when I’m away. Then why Helen?”
“I said GO!” This time, her voice was cold and it made him dead on his tracks.
“I want to know the reason Helen.”
“It’s over. We are over. Find someone better Mike. I’m not the one for you.”
He inched closer and Helen looked alarmed, so she rang a bell on the table. Two servants rushed towards her, one of them brought in a wheelchair.
It took a moment for Mike to register that the wheelchair was brought for Helen. The servants helped her into it. He was rooted to where he was, heart in his throat and shocked to his core.
“Go ahead, tell me that you will leave now since you’ve seen me crippled.”
For the first time in his life, he could not form words.
“I met with an accident. I became paralyzed. You probably don’t want me anymore. I figured it out so I quit before I could hear it from you. I knew it would break me into pieces when you don’t want me like this and now you are here. Thank you very much. You can leave Mike.”
There was a silence that stretched into long minutes.
“How could you think anything would stop me from loving you Helen? I love you.”
With that declaration, he took her in his arms and kissed her with a promise that only true love could make.
“Never doubt my love for you. I would do everything in my power to heal you Helen. But I would want you anyway I could have.”

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