Meet The People Who Masturbate Without Moving

When most of us masturbate, it involves some kind of moving. It may involve moving your hand up and down, using your wrist, or even dry humping a pillow. Though that may be the norm, there are a scant few people who don’t need to use their hands or wrists to masturbate. They don’t even need to use toys. What these people use is their minds – and it allows them to masturbate without moving. They call it “mind sex.” Here’s how to do it, and why you’ll love it, thanks to the Daily Mail and Jezebel…


Here’s Why You’ll Love It

Imagine being able to orgasm anywhere you want without having to make a scene. Imagine being so in touch with your body that you can actually think yourself into an orgasm. Awesome, isn’t it? Well, it’s a reality if you want it to be. Apparently, our brains are a lot more impressive than we give them credit for.


The UK Actually Uncovered This Masturbation Technique

A researcher by the name of Doctor Barry Komisaruk had taught his patients how to have mind sex and also proved its efficacy by getting them to masturbate in an MRI machine. He found that, using this technique, the same parts of the brain that light up during a romp will light up without any touch being administered to the genitalia.


There Are Multiple Ways To “Think” Yourself To Orgasm

Obviously, the most important part of masturbating without moving is to think of things that are sexually arousing. In other words, it’s all about getting really into your fantasies. Some used breathing exercises to help “move things along,” and get their body physically aligned with what’s going on in their mind.


Others Used Pelvic Floor Exercises To Make Them Climax

Of course, some might consider using pelvic floor exercises to be “cheating,” since it may actually involve some movement. However, it still won’t require any movement of hands, so it’s still not quite your typical masturbation procedure.


The Number On Thing That Makes The Difference Is To Relax

Researchers found that it’s easier to have mind sex if you relax while you do it, and don’t try to pressure yourself into an orgasm. Intense breathing and visualization also really helps get you in the mood. However, all the visualization in the world won’t help if you can’t get yourself to relax first.


What You Visualize Can Vary According To Your Taste

Dr. Komisaruk said, “The fantasies were as unique as the women. Some imagined erotic scenarios, but others imagined very romantic scenes such as a lover whispering to them. Others pictured more abstract sensual experiences such as walking along a beach or imagining waves of energy moving through their body.” What would you imagine if you only had your mind to use in order to masturbate?


This Isn’t Really That New Of A Technique, Though

We’ve all heard stories about women who have had a really good orgasm due to a sexy dream they had. And, with men, it’s been done via “wet dreams.” It’s basically the same concept. The only difference is that people who practice mind sex are able to reach orgasm while conscious and awake.


Women Who Can Mind Sex Say That, After A While, They Can Focus On Orgasm And Have It Happen

One woman by the name of Jill Morrisson said, “Gradually, over the years, I have become much more adept at thinking myself to orgasm. I don’t need to actually create a sexual fantasy in my mind – I just focus on wanting an orgasm and my body responds.”


Of Course, The Orgasm Alone Isn’t What’s So Amazing About Dr. Komisaruk’s Research

What’s really amazing is what he wrote in his findings about the female orgasm. According to the notes he took, women actually need to feel relaxed in order to have an orgasm. “The scans show that, during sex, the parts of the female brain responsible for processing fear, anxiety and emotion start to relax more and more, reaching a peak at orgasm, when the female brain’s anxiety and emotion are effectively closed down to produce an almost trance-like state,” he wrote.


And This Also Confirmed Something Else, Too. This also proved that sex isn’t 100% physical

There’s a mental aspect as well, and if you’re not catering to that, you might not be as fulfilled as you had hoped you would be. If you can orgasm without physical movement, then it’s safe to say that women are very mental creatures.


So, How Common Is It?

Well, it’s actually hard to tell, but it’s clear that there are some serious lovers of this method of masturbation. Pop star Lady Gaga was noted as saying that she can think herself to orgasm “whenever I feel like it.” There are also a slew of internet groups devoted to women who claim to climax from both regular dreams and daydreams – regardless of whether they’re feeling any physical stimulation.


In Other Words, You Can Also Make Yourself More Prone To Orgasm With Your Partner Too

All you need to do is figure out how to relax a bit better. By learning how to meditate your stress away, you make it easier for your partner to give you an orgasm. So, learning how to have mind sex can really improve your sex life in general. This is particularly true of people who use pelvic floor exercises to get things going.


Having Trouble Reaching Orgasm?

You’re not alone. Dr. Komisaruk says that around 40% of all women have a hard time getting to the finish lime when they’re having sex. This form of masturbation might actually help them feel the big O sooner, and better than ever before. But, of course, it will take time before you see results.


What This Can Mean For Non-Orgasmic Women Has Two Sides

On one hand, it may mean that an orgasm may require a lot more mental and emotional stimulation for some. On the other hand, it could also mean that being unable to orgasm may be due to stress, body issues, or even anxiety.


Oh, And Don’t Worry Guys

Dr. Komisaruk said that guys shouldn’t worry. “It certainly doesn’t mean that women will suddenly become very self-centered or substitute solo, mental sex for a relationship,” he said. “It’s a bit like developing a filet mignon pill. It’s possible in theory, but why would anyone want to when the experience of the real thing is so wonderful?”


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