If A Woman Does These Things, Do Not Marry Her


Looking for a perfect partner has always been a challenging task. We fall in love, get to know each other but sometimes, we end the relationship in middle. There are a lot of things that work as a sign before getting married. And if you miss these signs and accept the marriage proposal, you are doing a big mistake which can either turn into a divorce or lead to an unhappy life.

When it comes to women, they are specific about the kind of men they are looking for and they know who they want to marry and who is not perfect for them, but men are simple and they never think about it in advance. To all men reading this article, if you are planning to get married, make sure she is the one you are willing to spend your life with. And if she does these things to you, it’s advisable to not to marry her.


  1. She always demands

A woman who often likes to demand will always be crying for one thing or the other. Her demands are never-ending. She will marry you thinking you will always listen to her and do the things that she demands.


  1. She only thinks of herself

A self-obsessed person is excessively the one who only thinks about self. If you like a woman who possess this quality don’t plan to marry her. Always remember the goal in marriage is all about being together and it’s a lifelong contract between two people.


  1. She likes to make everything under her control

As I said earlier, a marriage is never meant for one person. It’s always about two people and their will to spend life together till eternity. If your woman wants everything to work according to her desire, it’s time to put an end to your relationship. A bossy woman will not listen to you ever. She will always try to dominate and never accept her fault.


  1. Holy Holly

This kind of woman is way too religious. She always quotes the Bible in everything she does. She is the “only one” who hears from God correctly. Her comfort and joy come from the law of the Lord. But if you like being that way, go ahead and marry her.


  1. She never shuts up

She always has everything to say about anything. She never shuts up and she is the one who finds faults in everything.


  1. She lies to you

If you have caught her lying to family, friends, and co-workers, she will have no problem lying to you. Trust will always be an issue with you and eventually, the love factor will dry up.


  1. She is always sad

She always talks about luck and why good things never happen to her. You will always have to pump her up and try to make happy. She is a negative person and doesn’t see happiness in small things.


  1. Never appreciate good things

If she doesn’t appreciate the good things and always try to find faults, she will always blame you for everything.


If we have missed any other major things that can make a man walk out of the relationship before he thinks to marry his love, do let us know in the comment down below.

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