How to Recharge While Being in a Relationship

Have you found yourself getting tired, grumpy, or otherwise lacking drive in your relationship? We all go through tough times with our significant others, but when the lack of energy starts to get in the way of fostering a healthy relationship, it really needs to be fixed. You don’t necessarily have to figure this out with your partner either! Learning how to recharge is a valuable personal skill to learn for your own life, regardless of how long you’ve been with your sweetheart. These tips are aimed specifically for those of us who aren’t good at separating ourselves from our partners, even if the relationship depends on it. By learning how to recharge for yourself, you’ll get much more out of your time with your partner.

Take a nap

While we all love falling asleep cuddling with our loved one, it does take a toll on our bodies and minds. We can start to feel like our essential needs aren’t being met, which makes us begin to resent the person we love. This is terrible for both our well being and our relationship. Try to set aside 20 minutes and power nap alone for a portion of your evening. The extra rest will make you happier, healthier, and better connected to your partner.

Take yourself out

This might seem counter-intuitive at first. Isn’t the point of having a partner so you can partner up with someone? It doesn’t seem to make sense to take yourself out. However, it’s one of the healthiest things you can do. Take a book and visit your favourite coffee shop, or go and see that cool new movie your partner had no interest in. You’ll be able to reconnect with yourself and your interests, and you’ll get out of the house; it’s a win-win!

Have separate hobbies

We all want someone who’s interested in our interests. Unfortunately, if you two have all of the same interests you’ll eventually spend all your time together. While that’s not unhealthy, it doesn’t make it easy to find time to be alone. By having separate hobbies you’ll not only have something of your own, but you’ll also get some alone time. This is especially important if you and your significant other live together, as it’s easy to fall into the trap of staying in every night.

You can read

Be it news articles, fiction books, or secondhand textbooks, we recommend you start reading. Not only will you gain greater perspective on the world, you’ll also get new things to talk about with your partner. Plus, reading is one of the only activities that you two can do together while still being in your own separate worlds. It’s a new adventure with every book!

Practice pampering yourself

For anyone who doesn’t indulge in pampering right now, you need to start ASAP. Everything from hot baths to good food will help keep you happy and feeling yourself. This, in turn, will help your partner want to keep feeling you up. In order to have people love us we first need to love ourselves. This includes learning how take care of ourselves, and give ourselves pleasure. Go ahead: book that spa day and refresh yourself.

Put your phones down

More of a way to refresh the relationship than refresh yourself, this tip has made the biggest improvements in our personal lives. By putting down our phones we’ve become more present with ourselves and our partners, and have rediscovered the art of conversation. Instead of constantly checking what friends across town are doing, you’ll be able to sit and enjoy the company of your significant other, which sometimes goes amiss if you’ve been together for a long time.

This is perfect time to start exercising

No, not so you can get the hot body everyone wants. This is so you can blow off steam and keep yourself engaged with your body. Too much energy can make people restless and difficult to deal with. This can be death to a relationship, especially if one of you is more relaxed than the other one. By integrating physical activity into your daily life you’ll keep your energy in greater balance, and ultimately keep the relationship more balanced too!

Talk to your partner

And we mean really talk to them. If you let things fester you’ll end up making mountains out of molehills. By letting things you’re upset, angry, or nervous about sit inside you, you make them turn into things that you become REALLY upset, angry, and nervous about. This makes people upset, and takes an awful lot of energy. Holding things inside causes you to expend a lot of energy. In order to recharge, let it go! Talk to your partner and get things off your chest immediately. You’ll feel better, and your relationship will thank you.

 Have more fun

Easier said than done, eh? Maybe you’ve heard this before, or maybe it’s something that’s never crossed your mind. Either way, start to look for the joy in life. By finding energy and passion in the world you’ll foster more energy and passion in yourself. It’s as simple as dancing around while you’re doing dishes, or laughing out loud a little bit more. Whatever gets your heart groovin’ and movin’!

Most important, remember who you are

It’s awfully easy to forget ourselves, especially in the passions of a new relationship. Make sure you know who you are before you take on too many of your partner’s qualities. By keeping a stronghold on yourself and your interests you’ll more easily be able to find ways to recharge, refresh, and reintroduce yourself to the world if/when you two break up. Trust us; it’s better to hold on to yourself than someone who doesn’t want you to be you.

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