How to Detect a Cheating Girlfriend

In general, detecting a girlfriend’s infidelity is rather difficult. What kinds of behavior do cheating women engage in? We surveyed women who had experience being unfaithful to bring you, “8 Ways to Detect a Cheating Girlfriend, Courtesy of Other Unfaithful Women.”


  1. She cuts down on how often she’ll meet up with her boyfriend, claiming she’s not feeling well, tied up, etc.


“I gave excuses, like I was busy with work, and did my best not to see him.” Many women try to reduce the frequency of dates with their boyfriends. Some have suggested that they felt too guilty to “look their boyfriend in the face.” Perhaps you should take note of how often you go out together on dates, especially if it starts dropping off.


  1. While on a date, she’ll keep her smartphone off, and won’t even attempt to touch it


“When I was with my boyfriend, I would never take my smartphone out of my bag.” Some women make sure never to touch their mobile phone while in front of their boyfriends, in case it reveals calls or texts from the other guy.


  1. She increases how often she goes out, saying, “I’m going out with my girlfriends.”


“I made it seem like it was natural for me to go out a lot.” It appears that many women camouflage their cheating behavior by increasing the number of times they say they’re “hanging out with their girlfriends.”


  1. She fawns over and ingratiates herself with her boyfriend more than usual


“I would be even more loving with my boyfriend than usual.” Many cheating women tend to act more loving than normal with their boyfriends. In this way, they are psychologically diverting themselves by acting out, especially when they have a shameful secret to hide.


  1. She goes out more frequently during the week. “I’m going drinking with my work friends.”


“I would come home later at night during the week.” This pattern manifests itself with women who claim increasingly more obligations to go out for “business drinks.”


  1. She mentions something for the very first time as something that “we talked about last time.”


“I slipped and mentioned something I had talked about with another man.” This tends to occur when she mistakenly brings something up to her boyfriend that she had talked about with her cheating partner.


  1. When she says she’s been busy, she eventually stops giving any details about her schedule


“I made sure not to tell him anything but the bare minimum about my schedule.” Some women keep their activities vague so it’s easier to behave secretively.


  1. She emails frequently, and tries to schedule her dates in detail


“I would contact him frequently in order to avoid double-booking dates.” There are women who try to nail down their boyfriend’s schedule, in order to reduce any “unexpected behavior.” If your girlfriend is trying hard to verify your schedule, it might be a danger sign.

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