Gentleman School

Being a gentleman can never be wrong. Try it and you will notice a big difference in how people respond to you. Get others to respect and look up to you the way you deserve.

Being gentlemanly was formerly a noble cause and much appreciated. But things have changed and in today’s society is visible lack of good taste, respect and etiquette clearly.
The Gentleman School is our compilation of comments and the most important tips for becoming a real gentleman.

Follow these simple tips, and I can assure you that people perceive you as a man of good taste and good style, addition, you get others to respect and look up to you the way you deserve.
Therefore, I look forward to see when the new generation shows what a true gentleman is.


At the Restaurant


– At a restaurant, let women order food first, and stand up when a woman leaves the table.

– Avoid unnecessary use of expletives in public, especially in the presence of a woman you’re trying to impress.

– Always put your napkin in your lap at dinner.

– Caveman behavior at the dinner table isn’t good. Use utensils, avoid chewing with your mouth open and don’t leave a messy plate.

– If you initiate a dinner date or meeting, then you should expect to pay. That works both ways.

– If an unaccompanied lady is sitting next to you, it is important that you help her be seated by pulling her chair out for her and gently pushing it back into place, with the lady seated of course.

– If a lady arrives at the table and there are no available seats, you should stand up and offer yours to her.

– When at social events, make sure to ask the lady if you can get her something to drink (or eat, depending on the event). Show her that you care about her comfort and needs.

– When sitting down for a meal, you should wait until all the guests are properly seated and ready to commence the meal before eating.

– Everyone should start dining at the same time.




– If the opportunity presents itself on the first night, don’t pull a condom out of your wallet. She’ll get the impression that you’re premeditated and will be turned off.

– If you want her to be your devil, treat her like an angel.

– If you’re trying to have a relationship, let the woman know. If you’re not, and you’re just trying to hit, let them know that, too.

– Don’t ask about the last guy she was with; Being competitive is a young man’s game.

– Never forget to introduce your woman as your girlfriend, spouse or otherwise to people when you’re out at functions together.

– Avoid public fights with your woman. Keep things private to let her know there’s an exclusive world that you and her share.

– Young guys should pump their brakes. Look at her family and background to know what you’re getting into.


Answer the invitation


– If the invitation to the party, has been send to you as a written invitation card. You should then respond in writing to the host. Of cause you should then also thanks for the party in written.



Gentleman School


– You should respect others as you would like them to respect you.

– Treat older women as if they were your own mother.

– Always have a woman walk on the inside of the sidewalk and on the side of parked cars in a parking lot, basically using your body as a barrier from harm.

– “The strong move quiet, the weak start riots.” Don’t be the guy who always needs attention or starts problems over small stuff.

– Look people in the eyes when you greet them and shake their hand.

– Go easy on the slang.

– Watch the news and don’t try to go straight to the sports section of the newspaper.

– Always help a lady put on her coat or overgarment. This is a simple but powerful action.

– Whether she is about to enter your car, restaurant, club, or anyplace with a door, you should always hold it open.

– When escorting a lady (that you know) to and from social events, you should offer her your arm. This is a little more intimate, but serves well when walking on uneven ground. Especially if she’s wearing high heels.

– Even if you don’t like someone, there is no need to lower yourself to their level. Be polite and courteous; show that you’re the better man.

– Swearing is a big no-no. It shows that you don’t have the vocabulary to express your thoughts appropriately.

– Don’t speak loudly. It always implies that you can’t reason with people and rely on “brute force” to get your point across. It also draws negative attention.

– Don’t lose your temper. It’s showing everyone that you can’t control your emotions.

– Spitting is very crude and not too pretty to look at. Do not spit in public.

– Do not laugh at others’ mistakes.

– You should remove your headwear upon entering a building.



Gentleman School


– Don’t try to outdress a woman. She should be the center of attention and should not feel that she’s underdressed.

– Remember to always have a straight and upright stance. Imagine James Bond.

– Brush your teeth, gargle or have a breath mint before getting up close and personal.

– Wear a belt! It’s called underwear for a reason.

– If you buy one pair of shoes and one suit per year, you’ll have a nice collection soon enough. It’s an investment.

– Never use white socks to black shoes.

– Find a good tailor.


In Business


– Take criticism with an open mind. You can improve from listening to superiors and by changing your actions to serve them. Don’t mess with the pack order.

– Be on time to meetings. Early if you can.

– Focus on remembering the names. It creates respect and trust.

– Don’t hold conversations at the same time someone else is speaking. Let the person finish his point before giving yours.

– Don’t talk down to coworkers, including subordinates. You may be above them in rank, but as a human being, you’re on a level playing field.

– Look for the people who will make your job easier. You can’t do everything yourself, so you’re going to need help. These people will be pivotal to your success. And always thank them and show your appreciation when they come through for you.

– Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want.

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