Do I Really Want My Ex Back?


Do I really want my ex back? The answer to that question is when you’re thinking to do it, then you should do it. If your ex-girlfriend do really like to be with you again, even if you messed up a lot in the past, they will be more likely receptive to you when you prove to them that you have changed and you will not hurt them again in the future.

Every one of us don’t want to be hurt and there’s no person on Earth who will open up again to someone who hurt them badly before. And for this, you have a greater chance to win her back but you must work on it to earn her trust once again.

Giving her time and space that she needed is the first step that you must take. Never rush her or anticipate that everything will happen in the blink of the eye. Rebuilding trust will need a longer time to build and earn. Most probably, you’ve let her down again by now. Never think for one second that all the hurt and bad memories will just be erased in an instant just because you said “I’ve changed” or “I’m sorry”. Be ready though because she will need proof that everything you have been doing is true and sincere.

Try to concentrate first on yourself rather that convincing her that you really changed. More time will be needed to change yourself sincerely from the person you are right now. Also, never think that you can simply trick her into believing that you are now a different man when in fact you’re still not.

Even if that happens, what can you gain from that? Sooner or later, she will eventually know that you lied again to her and will leave you for good this time around. It’s a lot better if you will just work on it, make some changes and make it permanent. By doing this, it will simply help your relationship a lot better and stronger and can make you a much better person this time. And it can also help you answer to the big question “Do I want my ex back?”

Always start fresh in making up with your ex even if both of you just started the relationship a month ago or 10 years ago before you broke up. Imagine that both of you are on the stage of getting to know each other. Always remember to take everything slowly. Trying to talk to her to make her trust you again is the worst thing that you can do at that point. Don’t just lay your words on it. Spend more time with her as a friend; make her believe that you changed already as a person and that you corrected your mistakes before. When she feels it and see it in you that you have changed, she will trust you again.

Keep in mind that if you really need to know the answer to the question, “Do I want my ex back?” the answer lies in your hands. Love is a very strong feeling and doesn’t die in an instant. Unless you have treated her so badly in the past, she still cares for you. Then, it will all depend in your effort to prove to her that she’s not a fool in getting back with you again.


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