Condoms – All You Need To Know


Condoms: they are not exactly a glamorous topic, but a necessity nonetheless. Condoms in different guises have been around for hundreds of years, which might be a surprise to some. Obviously technology has come a long way over the years so they are now available in sophisticated materials that are put under rigorous testing to pass industry standards.

People choose to use or carry condoms for different reasons. The state of relationships has changed vastly over the years and we have seen the emergence and acceptance of more casual relations where people engage in sexual activity without any desire to procreate. As a result, it’s only responsible for those people to carry and use a condom in order to not only prevent unwanted pregnancy but also to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. It’s now also more or less the norm for women to carry a condom without the risk of being seen as promiscuous, and with the emergence and availability of female condoms, the choice is even better.

Over the past few decades we have unfortunately seen a rise in serious sexually transmitted diseases and today condom use has never been more important. World governments have put a major focus on issues like the prevention and the spread of diseases like HIV and condoms are at the forefront of this focus.

Condoms are easy to use, inexpensive, and generally widely available. Previously they would not have been so visible in stores but times have changed and they are now available to purchase in grocery stores, drug stores, clubs, bars, and so many other places; it’s difficult to miss them!

This infographic from Carvaka Adult Toys aims to highlight some interesting facts about condoms, both male and female. It also shows how they are made, explains the testing process and how they should be used, disposed of and stored.





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