Beware of the Virgo – How Each Zodiac Sign Cheats in Relationships


Some school of thought has said monogamy is unnatural to us as humans. In the light of our discussion today, the above statement comes to mind.It is also important to know that not all people cheat but we are only looking at the natural tendencies different zodiac signs to see what they would likely to in the event they cheat.


They Capricorn being known for being carefree wouldn’t see breaking such a grave relationship rule as a big issue. That would mean that they won’t feel sorry or be worried about the consequences of their actions.
The pain that their partners go through as a result of their infidelity won’t bother them.That doesn’t mean that they would be careless about the act itself. They would smartly hide it from you for as long as they possibly can. And if they are caught the would at best, fake an apology or at worst find some way to project the blame on you.
But that doesn’t mean that they are no good, for one, the Capricorns won’t hold a reasonable relationship outside the one you guys have. They could be having casual sex outside, but it is what it is – casual with no strings attached. They would go on this cheat campaigns as some adventure.
For them, they are just having a holiday break from their relationship with you. Although this isn’t an ideal way to live, the Capricorns see nothing wrong with it. Bear mind that such denials can be very painful to the partners, but it is what it is. They were just having fun, and that is how they justify their actions.


The Aquarius is known to cheat on their partners with someone they have fallen for. Although they are fond of fall fast and hard, they are known to grow bored of their partners easily too. They are attracted to everything that passes by and would in the midst of such temptation fall.
They are the kids who would want all more and more candy even though they haven’t finished with the one they are licking. Their lack of self-control is a significant factor in their tendency to cheat.
Now, a majority of society see cheating as a moral issue why some see it as weakness, but the Aquarius just wants to satisfy his/her love for the glittery stuff. If you are dating one, don’t be surprised to find out that it was quite easy for you to catch him/her cheating.
They sometimes allow for that to happen so that they don’t have to deal with the stress of eluding your prying eyes. But the truth is that they just want to cheat in peace. They don’t want to be bordered with the guilt of such a terrible act. But with time you would realize that the Aquarius keeps repeating the cycle of cheating with whoever he/she gets with. Their love for the shiny stuff and the tendency to lose focus makes them habitual cheaters. Jumping from one shiny thing to another without ever being satisfied.


The Pisces are known to be very smart and imaginative, and when they are to cheat they apply such brilliance to their act. They would do plan out their cheating that it would be almost impossible to notice. In fact, if by any means they are caught, it would have been too late by then and the exposure would have been intentional.
The Pisces partner can’t always play it perfectly, but they would go to lengths untold to keep their dirty secret from their partners. They would keep loving their significant other with the same intensity and would keep reminding them if their commitment and dedication to the relationship. When the Pisces wants to cheat, they will do so with manipulation and for selfish reasons


The Aries could find it easy to cheat on their partners as a result of their natural tendency to quickly get bored by routine. They’re an adventurous group of people who see the joy in hopping from one place to another. And if they don’t travel with their partners, then they would cheat on their partners with whoever they met on the road. But it doesn’t end there, if they are caught in the unholy act, they will find some way of blaming their partner who is the victim. They would usually do this to justify their guilty pleasures. That way, the could go on cheating on their partner without their conscience being pricked.


The Taurus hardly ever cheat, they are known to stand by you to the very end. But if they do, then it would most like be the fault of the partner. This is because when a Taurus is in a relationship, they will give it their all. They wouldn’t withhold anything from their partners or their relationship. If their partner doesn’t appreciate their sacrifices for the joy and betterment of their relationship, they would be profoundly disappointed.
They hardly lose interest in their relationship, but if they do, then it is gone forever. Prolonged maltreatment of the Taurus folk makes their site hard love wane. If they fall in love with someone outside their partner, then it is safe to say that that relationship is over. This is because cheating for a Taurus isn’t just a fleeting experience. It is love, and that doesn’t die quickly.
If you are someone who was cheated on by a Taurus, it could be a devastating experience for you. You would lose the rich relationship you had with that partner to someone else. Sometimes it isn’t the fault of the partner; some people could fall out of love just as they fall into it. But if a Taurus hurt you by leaving or cheating on you, know that they are feeling guilty. Whatever actions they took weren’t done with malicious intent.


The Gemini is known to cheat on their partners with close friends. Yes, that could even make the whole situation even worse, but that is how they cheat. They would watch and lust over your friends and acquaintances. So when next you introduce them to that hot friend of yours, know that your Gemini partner is already into her. They are known also to get bored easily and would, therefore, would let their eyes wander away from you to your buddies.
It is also important to know that since your Gemini partner cheats on you with someone close to the two of you, you would probably catch them in the act. Thus not only breaking your heart but also embarrassing you in front of friends and family. And that in itself can be devastating.
But even in the mess of their evil act, they would get annoyed that they were caught and that you have decided to leave them. They are usually more concerned about their ego than they are worried about the heart of their partner – which they have just broken. They may pretend to follow the rules of one partner at a time, but the truth is that they don’t believe that. But you would only find this out through their actions.


The Cancers are no good at cheating; they are too empathic and emotional to do that. When a Cancer falls in love with you, be rest assured that they have anchored their ship. They would rather the waves and storms of the relationship with you. But if by any chance they lose interest in you, they would usually come out the closet with it. They would do this so that they would spare you the stress of finding out they are cheating on you. If they are doing you wrong, they would feel as bad as you would feel.
Sometimes they won’t be blatant with their confessions so that you don’t get shocked by the news that they want to share. They could give you indirect clues as to what is going on in their own lives. Now you may ask, ”what would make a Cancer cheat on their partners?” Here is the answer: they are in constant search for the right person. They would want an ideal partner for them. Now, she to their dedication to their relationships, their partners are usually sure that they (the Cancers) are a perfect match for them. But what they fail to ask themselves is this ”Am I a perfect match for my Cancer partner?” If that answer isn’t a firm yes, then maybe you are just taking and not giving back in the relationship. And a Cancer partner is looking for a partner who would compliment them in the relationship. You had better buckle up and love a Cancer right, or else they would leave you, and you will have yourself and only yourself to blame.


The Leos are a very loyal bunch; they are the types of partners that would stand by you through thick and thin. Another reason why a Leo would hardly cheat is their ego. Believe it or not, but the Leo looks at cheating as a shameful act that could potentially bring disgrace and dishonor to them. So they would instead enjoy the warm and peaceful comfort their relationship offers them instead of the cold and thrill-filled adventures of the cheating world. Some school of thought argues that the Leo doesn’t easily cheat because of the hassle and chaos that comes from it. So instead of being in constant danger, they would prefer that they stick to one partner for the rest of their lives.


The Virgo is good at cheating. In fact, some say that they have mastered the art. It is very common to see a Virgo cheat on his/her partner for a long as they want – without their partner ever knowing. They are lucky at this by planning out their evil acts well in advance. They would study it to find loopholes in the execution of their plans. And if they find any, they would work to see that it’s adequately fixed beforehand. This makes them very hard to catch. If you are in a relationship with a Virgo and to catch them cheating, you probably didn’t. They are most likely letting you know. They are also good at having backups to their relationships. They would have one of their side partners who they think has potential to replace their current partner. They are usually emotionally connected to these ”potential partners.”
Now if you are dating a Virgo, it is essential that you stay very attentive to their behavioral patterns. Once they begin to change – even if it is in the slightest, check them out. They are very capable of keeping two three relationships and treat each partner right. Now, this doesn’t mean that all Virgos are like this, but they have the tendencies to do so. So when you are dating a Virgo be vigilant, so that at the end you are not left hanging high and dry.


The Libras is a very cunning and manipulative group. Having mastered the art of deception, they could be in a relationship with two or more people for as long as they can. They take the careful and cautious planning of Virgo to a whole new level. They would have an excuse for virtually every mistake in their planes. They don’t plan to give up – even when caught. Another aspect of their behavior is that they could use their manipulative nature to convince and coerce people into doing what they don’t feel like doing. They would be the kind of partner who would try to convince you – through suggesting, that an open relationship is a good idea. They are all about results and the black and white of achieving them. When they want something, they will do whatever it takes to get it. Not even morality holds them back.


The Scorpio find it hard to cheat on their partners. That goes against their natural inclinations to be dedicated to one thing at a time. And when they are in a relationship they would approach it the same way. But sometimes they could cheat on their partners because they are genuinely in love with who they are cheating with. It is important to know that the Scorpio folk love hard and so it isn’t unnatural to see a Scorpio so some of the bravest and sometimes stupidest things in the name of love. But when they cheat, they are sorry about it and would do whatever it takes to amend their ways. They understand the pain of rejection and deception and would instantly apologize and refrain from such actions.


The Sagittarius is known to cheat just for the fun of it. They hop from one partner to another without breaking pace. In fact, they would even save side partner ahead of their planned escapades. And they do all this to feed their never-ending hunger for thrill and excitement. They can lead hectic and productive lives and therefore won’t mind having a barrage of partners to help them ease the tension and stress they go through on a daily basis.
Coupled with the fact that they are very extroverted, the Sagittarius may have 99 problems but getting a new partner every month is not one. They love the fast life, and although they know that what they are doing isn’t right, they find themselves addicted to the adrenaline rush their adventurous life provides them.

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