6 Things You Can Never Change About a Man


We’ve all been guilty of this. You meet a guy and he’s perfect in almost every way except for one big thing. We don’t give up on him though. At first we try to ignore it, but who are we kidding. Then we do what we are told never to do in a relationship — we try to change him. Even though it has never worked in the past, we convince ourselves that this guy will bend to your will and be the way you want him to be. I will admit, he may give in on some things (I mean putting the toilet seat down is just good manners!), but you don’t have a chance on some issues. Take a look at the 6 things you can never change about a man.


  1. He’s a dog person. No matter how many cute kitties you shove in his face, if the man prefers Labs, he prefers Labs.
  2. He’s a couch potato. Love won’t motivate him to get off his ass. Sure, he is game to go out when you have plans, but don’t expect him to be motivated to hit the hiking trails early Saturday morning.
  3. He’s a beer buff. You may think wine should be the choice beverage of sophisticated adults, but nothing is better than a cold brew to this guy.
  4. He’s a mama’s boy. You can’t come between a man and his mommy no matter how old he is. She will always be able to guilt him into things.
  5. He’s a sports nut. He’s not just a one-sport man. This guy loves them all. That means he watches them all, so plan your life accordingly.
  6. He’s the outdoorsy type. If he loves camping and you love couture, the romance is doomed unless you are up for roughing it once in awhile.


What other things will a man never give up or change?


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