10 Signs Your Relationship Will Last Forever

Every relationship has a melting point where things which seemed perfect at first look disheveled at best now. The person you felt you could never live without becomes the person who have to contend with. That’s when things take a toll for the worse. But this is all part and parcel of a relationship. Here are tell tale signs that your relationship will last a lifetime.
You say whatever comes to mind
To avoid offending people, we think long and hard about what we’re about to utter from our mouths. But when you’re with the right person, it doesn’t matter in the least what you say, or how you say it.
Sharing bad news
Psychologically speaking, it is very hard to share bad news with someone you’re not intimate with. But if you’re with the right person, hard conversations are the first order of business because you know they’ll listen and understand.
Having fun together
It should come as no surprise that the person you’re mean to spend the rest of your life with, fills you with absolute joy in their presence. Almost (emphasis on almost) every single moment feels like it’s filled with adrenaline.
Your partner never allows you to give up on yourself
Your partner will always encourage you and stand by to support you. Whether you’re going through a psychological mess or trying to figure out your finances. Your better half would go out of their way to support you in your struggles.
They don’t gossip about you
Your partner is not in the habit of badmouthing you and always tries their best to hide your blemishes. They make it a point to always talk about your good qualities such as work ethic, manners and even your good looks.
Supporting each other
To be able to forge a lasting relationship, a couple needs to be able to support each other. Their relationship will go through many ups and downs. Even in times of disagreement and disappointment, they are supportive of each other.
You know your significant other’s friends
One very strong indicator of a healthy relationship is your partner’s friends. It has been confirmed by researchers that if you know his friends and get along with them, the likelihood of your relationship to last longer increases.
Your partner knows you enough to give you ideas
Your partner knows you well enough to have the ideas that you never had. And to your surprise, these ideas perfectly fit the confines of your problems. You feel glad that they shared their two cents rather than feel they’re prying into your business.
Your partner asks you for help
Your partner is not self centered and doesn’t have a bloated ego when it comes to you. So when they fall on hard times, they’re not above asking you for help. It shows they trust you with sharing their vulnerabilities.
There’s a lot of intimacy
Kissing symbolizes a long lasting relationship. The passage of time only increases the importance of kisses rather than diminishing its value of intimacy. Research has also shown that kisses are a good indicator of satisfaction in your relationship.
Making each other laugh
You only laugh out loud when you’re in the presence of someone you trust and are comfortable with. Additionally, laughter also helps with a host of mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and pain. This also makes it good for your health.
Your partner is generous
Your partner is a very forgiving person. Despite your mentally deranged tirades about petty grievances you may have with them, they also allow the past to remain in the past and turn over a new leaf. A new start.
Your partner doesn’t remain angry for long
While being angry is part and parcel of any relationship. Remaining angry for abnormally long bouts is a sign of a damaged relationship. You want to measure if it’s normal for your partner to remain angry for 3 days straight, or if he’s just angry around you.
There is respect between the partners
Respect is at the core of any relationship. After sexual intimacy, one can argue that respect is what binds a relationship for the long haul. Without respect, there is only abuse and neglect. This type of relationship will wither away in no time.
Your partner frequently compliments you
Of course there is a fine line to tread here, and sometimes undue flattery tends to hurt – but it’s always a good idea to shower your partner with compliments which are not generic in nature. And your partner has plenty of them.

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